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Clean Fuel Standard Regulations Update

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​The Government of Canada plans to put in place Clean Fuel Standard Regulations under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Consultations on the development of the Clean Fuel Standard began in January of 2017. A discussion paper was released soliciting stakeholder input to help inform the development of the framework. Following the release of the discussion paper, extensive consultation sessions were held, including face-to-face workshops, technical webinars and bilateral meetings with various stakeholders. More than 120 comments were received on the discussion paper.

As one of the largest agricultural co-operatives in Canada it is necessary to ensure that the uniqueness of the agricultural industry is taken into consideration when developing these clean fuel standards requirements. As such, the United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Ltd. (UFA) submitted our official response to the discussion paper with comments and questions for the Government of Canada to consider. 

UFA raised questions with regard to scope, compliance mechanisms, full lifecycle analysis and supply as it.

Environment and Climate Change Canada hosted the Clean Fuel Standard Multi-stakeholder Consultative Committee and Technical Working Group Inaugural Meetings from January 18-19, 2018. The purpose of these meetings was to review key elements of the framework and clarify questions from stakeholders.  UFA Government Relations' representatives were present for the discussions, ensuring our members' interests were represented. 

To read the Regulatory Framework and to review key elements presented please click here.

The Clean Fuel Standard Multi-stakeholder Consultative Committee and Technical Working Group will continue to meet to develop and review the Regulatory Framework. The timeline for requirement moving forward is as follows:

Planned publication of the regulations:

  • Draft regulations in Canada Gazette, Part I in late-2018
  • Final regulations in Canada Gazette, Part II in mid-2019
Coming into force of the regulations:

  • Carbon intensity requirements for liquid, gaseous and solid fuel streams will come into force at the same time
  • The coming into force date is still to be determined

 Lead time will be provided:

  • For industry to prepare to meet requirements
  • For carbon intensity requirements to achieve the required 30Mt of GHG reductions by 2030

The Government of Canada will carry out the cost-benefit analysis as part of the Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement. Verification process and reporting requirements will be considered as regulations are further developed.

UFA Government Relations will continue to participate in the Clean Fuel Standard Multi-stakeholder Consultative Committee and Technical Working Group meetings and will keep members apprised of developments as they happen.  For more information on the Clean Fuel Standards please visit