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We Stand Together

Our Government Relations team is here to help you in understanding and recognizing the impact that federal and provincial policy, legislation, regulations, and funding decisions can have on your operation.

In an ever-changing industry and regulatory environment it is important that UFA moves parallel with government as key decisions are being made, and most importantly that you are part of the conversation. Through advocacy, partnerships, awareness, and education we are here to carry your voice on issues that affect you and your business-today and into the future.

Government Policy Initiatives

What’s on the government’s agenda

Government policy can have a major impact on how you run your operation. Become up-to-date and informed on federal and provincial government legislation, regulations, and funding decisions in order to plan and adapt to an ever-changing agricultural industry.

New Canadian Agricultural Partnership Programs Open

Changes to the Federal Fuel Charge (Carbon Tax) Rates 



What are we doing to help you

UFA Government Relations monitors and analyzes legislative and regulatory issues important to our co-operative and our members. We develop, recommend and assist with implementing policies related to matters that affect you.

Share Your Voice on the Future of Agricultural Research

Resolution Raises the Profile of Agriculture Industry

Agriculture Industry Consultations on the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) Update


UFA Public Policy Statements

Where we stand

We are maintaining and promoting the economic well-being of our members and customers, ensuring access to competitive markets and helping capitalize on market opportunities. Our team works on a wide range of legislative and regulatory issues, including the following:

Crop Protection and Nutrition
Livestock Nutrition and Animal Welfare
Farm Safety
Trade and Market Access
Climate Change
Innovation and Technology
Canadian Agriculture Partnership

Farming Family

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