Golden Prairie 4-H Club

​Golden Prairie ‘Stands Out’


​For over 50 years the Golden Prairie 4-H Club has been a multi-club. We offer many traditional and non-traditional projects. ​

Some traditional 4-H projects we have offered include: cooking, sewing, horse, rabbit, outdoorsmen, small engines, scrapbooking, photography, crafts. 

Some non-traditional projects we have offered include: busking (performing arts), archery, rocketry, geocaching, art history. 

Over the years out membership has grown to 42 members strong. In our district we are the only multi-club so we enjoy a membership from a large area. 

We tend to notice excellent retention of 4-her’s in our club because the members enjoy taking different projects each year. Many members complete more than one project, as well. ​​

From this vantage point we wanted to highlight how our really big multi-club stands out. We know that every 4-Her grows themselves as leaders through community service and public speaking but that was difficult to show in our chosen video format. We decided to highlight our differences using busking and archery as examples. We also wanted to reflect on 4-H over the last 100 years and draw some parallels on how it has not changed… or has it?

Please enjoy our entry!