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Community Investment

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Our revitalized approach to Community Investment represents momentum and progress On the Road to Better.

Grassroots Giving


We support strong and vibrant rural communities where our members live and work.



We are committed to excellence in stewarding our land, natural resources and people.

Feeding the World


We are committed to making healthy, safe and affordable food available to Canada and the world.

Grassroots Giving Program

Through our Grassroots Giving Program, we support strong and vibrant rural communities where our members live and work. We partner with local organizations to help ensure that life in Alberta’s rural communities is great for our members. In 2017 we provided almost half a million dollars to more than 400 initiatives in 180 local communities.

Follow the two simple steps to apply:

Apply for Support

We’ve recently changed our process to make it easier to apply and work with UFA!

Thank you for inviting us to be part of your community initiative!

The first step is ensuring your organization or charity is listed in Benevity Causes. Your organization or charity will not be eligible to receive funding from UFA unless you register it with Benevity Causes. This is a simple process and you will only need to do this once! Click ‘Get Started’ below to see if your organization or charity is listed.


Need some help? Access the online resources, or call 1-855-237-7875 Option 1.

Can’t find your organization?

If your organization is not already listed in the Benevity Causes Portal, you need to register your organization or charity. This one-time registration allows you to receive funding electronically. Please submit your request to register your organization or charity to the Benevity Charity Team who will be happy to help you get set up.

Need some help? Access the online resources, or call 1-855-237-7875 Option 1. Once submitted, confirmation is generally provided in 1-2 business days.

If you’re already listed with Benevity Causes please click below.

Additional Details

  • Your charity or non-profit must be registered with Benevity Causes before you can apply to UFA’s Grassroots Giving Program.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your Grassroots Giving application is received.
  • We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.
  • Approved requests will be processed on the first of each month, and payments will be disbursed on the 21st of each month.
  • We recommend you sign up for electronic funds transfer to ensure timely payments. We advise that cheques will take a minimum of 30 additional days to be processed and mailed.
  • UFA Grassroots Giving does not support the following: political organizations, religious organizations except for non-faith based initiatives and programming, third party fundraisers, campaigns for bricks-and-mortar capital, individuals, programs or events that take place outside of Canada, medical causes.

UFA Youth Credit Program

Rely on UFA to help you learn by doing... with credit!

Community Impact

UFA Community Impact Portal

Giving together is part of how UFA gives back to communities.

Find your opportunity here.

United Farmers Historical Society

The United Farmer’s Historical Society stewards and promotes the historical artifacts of the United Farmers of Alberta, showcasing the cooperative’s contributions to agriculture and life in and around Alberta.

We are proud to work alongside our brand partners to advocate for our members, our industry and our co-operative.