Coaldale 4-H Equestrian

​​Coaldale Equestrian Why 4-H is important to me​

The Coaldale Equestrian Club has been an active club since 1978; this Club’s roots are strong. The current leader of the club was once a member of this very club and many of its current member’s parents were also members of this club growing up. This became very evident as the members began to look through scrapbooks from earlier years, when they were working on the entry for this contest. 

Being a member of 4-H has special meaning to each person, each person has their own reasons for wanting to be part of 4-H. This is what the club decided they wanted to focus the entry on. Each member wanted to be able to express why 4-H is important to each of them. 4-H is an amazing thing to be part of because there are so many different projects that you are able to participate in.
It is more than just an agricultural based community any more, we think this is why 4-H is going to be around for a long time to come… hopefully at least another 100 years. ​
This club has an age range of members from 9 to 18 this club year and they are so much more than just friends, you can see that they consider themselves family. This year the Club wants to take a trip to the Mane Event in Red Deer. This will be used as an amazing learning opportunity for them as this event has so many things to offer. So if we are lucky enough to win any portion of this contest the money will be used to help offset some of costs of the trip. ​