Claresholm 4-H Beef Club


​Claresholm 4-H Beef Stands Out From the Herd


​​Both UFA and our local community are huge supporters and attribute to our club's success.  When this contest was presented at a meeting, we knew it was a perfect fit for our club.  UFA has supported and encouraged 4-H in our community by providing discount cards, sponsorships, volunteer opportunities and learning workshops.  Our community is always eager to lend a helping hand to our 4-H Club.  We are never short of volunteers for public speaking competitions, judging competitions or our achievement day.  The community of Claresholm is always trying to give back and we are very grateful for that.  Since we live in a small, rural area a lot of our citizens either came from an agricultural or 4-H background, which makes them want to give back.Community businesses are our biggest supporters and sponsors, from prizes to buying our steers.​
 Not only does our community help us, but they give us opportunities to help them.  Our club helps out whenever and wherever possible.  We have many community service projects throughout the year, including playing card bingo at the seniors lodge, preparing the community garden, helping paint an historic school house, serving lunch at UFA Farm Day, and working at the annual Kinette Craft Fair.  We believe that our club is a great candidate for this competition because we are constantly working hand in hand with our community and have been doing so for over 75 years!  We hope this relationship continues for another century as 4-H heads into it's next 100 years in Alberta.  Thank you for this opportunity to celebrate our club, our community and 100 years of 4-H in Alberta.