Cattle Trail

From pasture to plate, the UFA Cattle Trail tells the story of beef.

This year at Calgary Stampede, stop by the UFA Cattle Trail to learn more about how beef is produced. With 39% of the Canadian beef herd here in Alberta, the UFA Cattle Trail will share the significant value and impact the beef industry has on the personal and economic wellbeing of the province, and will provide an inside look at this complex and very important industry.

The Cattle Trail has over 100 000 guests visit each year during the 10 days of Stampede. This interactive exhibit showcases the beef industry and tells the story of pasture to plate. It demonstrates industry practices that enhance animal welfare, ensure food safety, protect natural resources and improve health and nutrition for consumers.  The UFA Cattle Trail is great chance for you to ask producers and industry experts any questions you may have about Alberta beef!
The UFA Cattle Trail will be open from July 7 – 17, during the entire 2016 Calgary Stampede.  It is located in the Agrium Western Events Centre in Stampede Park.  Don’t forget to say hi to our UFA volunteers and share on social media with #UFACattleTrail.

Hours of operation:


Stampede Hours

Thursday, July 7

5 - 9

Friday, July 8

11 - 9

Saturday, July 9​​

11 - 9

Sunday, July 10

9 - 9

Monday, July 11

11 - 9

Tuesday, July 12

10 - 9

Wednesday, July 13​

9 - 9

Thursday, July 14

11 – 9

Friday, July 15

11 – 9

Saturday, July 16

11 – 9

Sunday, July 17

11 – 9

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