Calgary 4-H Southpaws

​Proud to Be 4-H in the City​

We are proud to be a city club, but also very proud of the agricultural history of our city, our province and, of course, 4-H. All our members enjoy how being in 4-H allows us to learn about agriculture and make friends in rural communities. When we get chances to share with the larger community about what it means to be an urban club, we find two things. First, almost everybody is surprised or even a bit confused by the idea, but second we find many people who experienced 4-H during their childhood in a rural setting and are thrilled at the idea of a chance to still participate even though, as has happened to so many from rural communities, they have has to re-locate to the city. We take the 4 H’s seriously: Head  unique and different projects that reflect our members desire to learn a wide variety of things. 
Heart  loyal to OUR community- the City of Calgary (we participate annually in the Calgary Stampede) and loyal to the proud history of 4-H. Health – participating in activities for learning and making life-long friendships and learning about healthy choices that reflect the value of Alberta agriculture. Hands ​ serving through volunteering with a wide range of not-for-profit organizations. One of our members chose to do a film project this year and has put together a video from a typical 4-H event (public speaking) where you can see the pride of both some members and leaders in how unique our club is- truly ‘standing out from the herd.’ ​