Bashaw Multi 4-H Club

​Bashaw Multi 4-H Club Stand Out From The Herd ​

​This project was a three part project for our club members to explore their families’ roots or family history in 4-H; share their own reasons for being in 4-H and favourite memories and plan and build something for the future to leave a legacy for current and future members that supports development of youth and leadership and ‘standing out from the herd.” 

Part 1 was to develop a slide show of the history of the 4-H families. Each members was to interview their families to find out who was involved in 4-H in the past and currently, what clubs they belonged to, what projects they did and what advice they would give to ‘Stand Out From The Herd.’ This information was compiled into a slideshow by an intermediate and junior member. This is also a wonderful present for the families since it is the 25th Anniversary of the Bashaw Multi 4-H Club. 
Part 2 was a move of the current members and leaders to allow each member a chance to voice their favorite memoires and reasons for joining 4-H. It provided an opportunity to showcase our unique centennial projects (bootjacks and saddle stands) that the members cherish with the 100 years and 4-H clovers routered on. Our one clever member was chosen as the emcee and host of the movie to show the experiences that a cleaver has in our multi-club and to show how a cleaver can be supported to have a major communication in a documentary like 4-H movie. ​​

Part 3 was to plan something that was hands-on and meaningful for the members in the centennial year as well as a toolkit for the future. The toolkit idea and wood and the contest outlined ‘to build’ a project, so the wood-block with centennial messages that would lead to members stand out evolved.
​The wood leader cut wood and assisted members with sanding. Several hours of craft work followed in which messages were transferred to the wood and toolbox then sealer applied. The toolkit for the future was then tried by the Cleaver Leader and the Cleaver and that first introduction to it filmed. It was a success. This three part project from past to current to future sub-projects resulted in the members learning about the extent of the history of 8 families (15 members) and the far-reaching results and importance of 4-H to their relatives that did 4-H. Friendships, fun, family and fantastic memories throughout many decades were revealed in this three part project. Throughout this project the family members, leaders, 4-H members, projects, support, learning, caring, development and stories/memories illustrated many, many ways and people stand out from the herd. The toolkit helps with building the confidence and internal tools to do this.