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Request for Support

Are you looking for a community partner?

UFA believes that a true co-operative is more than just business. It's about giving back to our community, investing in our youth and supporting our agriculture industry. We believe that focusing our time, energy and resources toward these three key areas helps make our community a better place-for now and for generations to come.​

Requesting an Application

If you would like to request UFA support for your community project please allow a minimum of 15 business days for us to review and get back to you.

Please keep in mind that UFA does not support the following ventures:

  • Political organizations or events.​
  • Religious organizations (except for those with non-faith based purposes).​
  • Travel for individuals or groups.​
  • Capital campaigns – we do not support capital campaigns, but can assist with fundraising initiatives (such as silent auctions).
  • Individuals.​
  • Medical causes – while all medical causes are worthwhile, as ​a company, UFA does not align ourselves with one particular cause.
  • Promotional marketing or advertising items; including naming rights on buildings.


Contact our community investment team at​ or call Dina Sutherland, Manager of Community Investment (403-570-4214).​​​​​​​​​