881 Outriders 4-H Club

​881 Outriders interpretation of ‘100’​



​They say a picture is worth a thousand words —​ we honestly cannot find the words to explain our love and gratitude for 4-H and how the values (teamwork, mentorship, and service), still apparent and practiced in 4-H were founded in the agriculture industry. We begin with our grandparents who showed us everything we know today about farming. The years of teamwork and mentorship that helped build our communities and our great country. 

It’s been 100 years of 4-H and many more in agriculture. Through thick and thin we are still one big community and you will not be alone if you are a part of 4-H! This is what we strive to get across in our presentation. We also include examples of how 4-H inspires us to volunteer and come together as a family. We show 5 generations of ‘Learning to do by doing’ in our presentation.​

In this slideshow we aim to represent the name of 4-H and all that it has to offer.​​ How beneficial it is for today’s youth while having fun and making memories. Our presentation shows how we use our heads for clearer thinking through our leadership opportunities and communication skills; our hearts for greater loyalty with the friendships and the 4-H family that is created through our involvement with 4-H; our health for better living in the active outdoor lifestyle. A pledge that we will cherish and utilize throughout our whole lives. 

All of the photos are what we feel is important and crucial to our 4-H family to preserve the history and document the value that each generation has contributed to 4-H and agriculture in general.