4-W 4-H Club


In 100 Years

​4-W 4-H club is so honored to be a part of the centennial celebration of 4-H in Alberta in 2017. As Alberta 4-H clubs celebrate this event our club is breaking ground on its inaugural year. It is amazing that new clubs are still being started 100 years later. We are a new club with 10 members. These members come with 2-9 years of 4-H experience and are devoted Sheep, Goat and Explore project members. We have two members that are in College/University, the rest of the members are in grades 6-12. The sheep members have been in for 6 years and have completed the following projects: market lamb, ewe lamb, yearling and mature ewes, carcass, pen of 3 and the Flock project. One member has competed at the Provincial Sheep show/summer synergy for the last 5 years and had won Supreme Champion Ewe 3 times.

The rest of the members have competed many years at the National Goat show in

​Red Deer and have done amazing also. Our club has decided to ‘Explore’ 4-H as a project they have chosen to do Outdoors-man, Foods, Crafts, Scrap-booking, Photography and Performing Arts. Members made & decorated, and donated cupcakes at Halloween to the seniors at two of the Lodges in in two communities. Christmas time had them hand making beautiful Christmas cards, having a party and gift exchange. Members each took $15 of their own money, bought gifts and donated them to Wellsprings Family Resource and Crisis Center. A few members are eligible for selections and a couple would like to try summer camp. Recently the club hosted ‘Ewe Eat 3’, a Northwest Region Sheep & Goat learning day. They participated in making lamb kabobs and goat ice cream with a total of 18 members across the region. ​Two seniors are key members in the district. For the Performing Arts project, members participated in the 4-H national 

video ​​contest and placed 8th. Members would like to attend the spring barbeque and dance at the community next to us. This would be our wind up as all members will have their livestock at Lac Ste Anne Achievement Day on June 5, 2017. 'Smashbooking' is how the members would like to show off their year of Explore. Members have had a bottle drive, have been doing electronic round-ups and cell phone recycling and are looking forward to Roadside Garbage Cleanup in May. We have a great group of youth that are true leaders, that have had their voice heard in the community during public speaking and are outstanding in their herd of sheep & goats! Thank 'ewe' for giving us this opportunity to 'Stand out' and give back to the youth.