Glenwood Crop Storage Upgrade

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    UFA added 300,000 bushels of crop storage capacity in August of 2016. This crop storage upgrade was designed to fill the existing bins directly from the leg while adding 300,000 bushels of storage, increasing hopper space, and increasing flow rate.

    • 4 - 60,000 bushel flat bottom bins
    • 2 - 30,000 bushel hopper bins
    • Increased main receiving leg discharge height by 25 ft. to allow for sprouting to previously unreachable bins from the leg
    • Entire leg lifted 2 ft. allowing for easier access to the boot of the leg in the pit
    • 12"x8" port manual distributors replaced with 14"x12" port electric distributors
    • All existing down spouting replaced with 14"x7" gauge galvanized spouting and accessories
    • Reclaim conveyors replaced with horizontal/inclined flat bottom drag conveyors to achieve 12,000 bushels per hour when reclaiming from bins
    • Receiving conveyor upsized to achieve required capacity
    • Added 2,200 bushel overhead load out bin and structure specifically to load grain into super-b trucks more quickly and efficiently

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    Glenwood Crop Storage Upgrade

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