Certified Seed

Certified Cereal and Pulse Seed

UFA carries the best cereal and pulse varieties for your area including barley*, peas*, wheat* and hybrid fall rye seed*. In addition to selecting the right genetics for your growing conditions, UFA is making it easier by providing Certified Seed that is already treated. We have the seed you need in a variety of convenient sizes ranging from 2mt tote to a 44mt semi load.

    Why Invest In Certified Seed?

    • Premium quality seed
    • Rigorous production standards
    • Guaranteed germination
    • Free of impurities
    • Newest traits and genetics

    Why Consider Hybrid Fall Rye for 2020

    • Hybrid Fall Rye is a strong agronomic and production option that fits well within rotations for Western Canadian
    • Most profitable cereal crop
    • Diversified market access (food, feed, fuel markets)
    • High potential on both irrigated and dry land
    • Allows management of more acres without major increase in overhead costs
    • Short strong straw, suitable for various moisture conditionsFarmers.

    Benefits Include:

    • Early harvestability for improved efficiency and time management
    • 20-40% higher yield potential than traditional rye varieties
    • Requires less crop protection product application
    • Short strong straw, suitable for various moisture conditions
    • Extensive the root system of winter wheat making it a great water and nitrogen scavenger
    • Reduces soil erosion while improving soil health

    Varieties available for 2020

      KWS Daniello Hybrid Fall Rye KWK Propower Hybrid Fall Rye Guttino Hybrid Fall Rye
    Use Grain Silage, forage, grazing Grain and forage
    Yield High Yielding Very High Yielding High Yielding
    Lodging Strong Strong straw, suitable for dryland or irrigation  Very good
    Ergot Lowest Ergot Resistant (pollen plus)  


    Seed Rate equation

    Seeding rate (lb. per acre)


    Plants per sq. ft. x TKW (g) x 10 (conversion factor*)

    per cent survival

    Know your growing conditions.

    Seeding rates in the Black soil zone tend to be higher than those in the drier Brown soil zone.

    Test your seed

    Ensure that seed is tested for purity, germination and also soil born diseases.

    UFA has your seed. Book today. Contact your local Customer Account Manager (CAM)

    * Limited Quantities Available


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    Certified Seed

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