Wire NMD 90 14/3 150M (Per Foot)

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    Product Information
    • Manufactured using annealed (soft) copper conductors. Compressed stranding for the stranded conductors. 90ºC rated PVC insulation with a nylon jacket for the individual conductors; a PVC jacket surrounds the overall construction
    • Minimum recommended installation temperature is minus 25ºC for two-conductor cables and minus 10ºC for three-conductor cables (with suitable handling procedures). Store properly above 0ºC for 24 hours prior to installation
    • Maximum voltage: 300V
    • Maximum conductor temperature: 90ºC
    • 14G
    • 3 conductors
    • 150M in length
    • Spool
    • 11-3/4" x 11-3/4" x 11-1/4"
    • White
    • Superior electrical cable with copper electrical wire for residential electrical wiring projects. 14 AWG Romex SIMpull NMD90 with Freeze Flex includes 3 copper conductors and one ground wire. Use it for three-way electrical wiring of wall switches, light switches and dimmer switches, and ceiling fan/light combinations. Romex SIMpull features Southwires NoLube SIM technology which has revolutionized the way wire is pulled into conduit without any pulling lubricant, saving contractors both time and money. Romex SIMpull NMD90 electrical cable pulls 50% easier, is tear resistant, reduces burn-thru and strips easier. Freeze Flex gives you more pliability, easier stripping and added crack-resistance in cold weather.
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    Wire NMD 90 14/3 150M (Per Foot)

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