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Medicine Hat Barn

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60'x140'16' Laminated post building constructed as an addition to an existing 40'x60'x18' shop
  • 2 - 12'x14' OHD's 
  • 1 - 20'x14' OHD with chain hoists
  • W1236 dark red siding and corener trims to match existing building
  • W1236 galvanized roof to match existing
  • Smoke colored polycarbonite lite panels at top of wall along both sides of building
  • 2'x6' rough-sawn kick-planking to 6' around inside
  • Primary use is to support customers cattle operation
  • Completed in time for this seasons calving
  • With the long-lasting cold spell the ccustomer was able to house more of his animals inside for a longer time he previously could
  • Customer said the building saved him thousands of dollars in new-born calf dead-loss due to the extreme cold