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Glenwood Crop Storage Upgrade

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​​UFA added 300,000 bushels of crop storage capacity for Hengerer Farms at Glenwood, AB in August of 2016.

  • 4 – 60,000 bushel flat bottom bins
  • 2 – 30,000 bushel hopper bins
  • Increased main receiving leg discharge height by 25 ft. to allow for sprouting to previously unreachable bins from the leg
  • Entire leg lifted 2 ft. allowing for easier access to the boot of the leg in the pit
  • 12”x8” port manual distributors replaced with 14”x12” port electric distributors
  • All existing down spouting replaced with 14”x7” gauge galvanized spouting and accessories
  • Reclaim conveyors replaced with horizontal/inclined flat bottom drag conveyors to achieve 12,000 bushels per hour when reclaiming from bins
  • Receiving conveyor upsized to achieve required capacity
  • Added 2,200 bushel overhead load out bin and structure specifically to load grain into super-b trucks more quickly and efficiently