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Creston Crop Storage

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UFA installed two Westeel AGI 3607 crop storage packages totalling 49,500 bushel capacity, for Piper Farms Ltd. of Creston, BC in the summer of 2017.

  • Concrete foundations
  • Full-floor aeration
  • Hydraulic U-tough unloading systems
  • 7.5hp full Centrifugal fans
  • Temperature cables
  • Inside ladders
  • Shared spiral staircase

Also shown is UFA's 2012 project for Piper Farms Ltd. - two Twister AGI 3607 crop storage packages - again totaling 49,500 bushel capacity. These packages had the same features as the 2017 installation, with the exception of each bin having an outside ladder with a safety cage instead of the shared spiral staircase.