ProStock™ Extender Forage - 25 kg

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    UFA ProStock™ Forage Seed has been tested under Alberta's growing conditions to provide producers with the highest quality seed. Its weather-permitting potential is designed to produce high-quality and high-yielding forages.

    • 25% Italian Annual Ryegrass
    • 20% Proso Millet
    • 15% Purple Top Turnips
    • 15% Vivant Forage Brassica
    • 15% Hairy Vetch
    • 10% Kale

    Seeding Rate: 10 lbs./acre


    •  Blend of annual forages for swath grazing
    • Opportunity to double crop under irrigation after a silage crop
    • Seed this lend in combination with an annual cereal crop
    • Excellent source of nutrition for late-fall and early-winter grazing 
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    ProStock™ Extender Forage - 25 kg

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