Equine Choice Pre/Probiotic Granular 4.2 kg

SKU # 1138925
Model # 1068-136

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    Product Information

    Use daily to restore and maintain healthy fibre fermentation, hindgut function, nutrient absorption, and for optimal overall health and performance.
    • Paste and granular supplement provide optimal pH throughout the GI
    • Increases lactate utilizing bacteria
    • Promotes healthy weight of animal
    • Increases feed efficiency and nutrient absorption
    • Better fibre and concentrate digestibility
    • Helps breakdown starches, sugars and proteins
    • Binds a broad spectrum of pathogens (E.coli, Salmonella) reducing their ability to attach to the intestinal mucosa
    • Long and stable shelf life with no refrigeration required

    Size: 1.7 kg
    Consistency: Granular
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    Equine Choice Pre/Probiotic Granular 4.2 kg

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