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Election 2019

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It seems like only yesterday that Albertans voted it the 2019 provincial election. Now, for the second time in six months Albertans will be going back to the ballot box but this time it will be on the national stage. October 21 will mark the date for 2019 federal election and to ensure our members are prepared to make the best and most informed decision possible as it relates to the priorities of their families and businesses UFA will once again be introducing a “Get out the Vote” page on UFA.com that will provide our employees and members access to all major political party’s election platforms.

Engagement events and opportunities to learn more will also be available on this page. We will do our best to keep you informed of upcoming important dates as well as provide information on how you can vote in the upcoming provincial election.

As an Albertan, you have the responsibility to become as informed as possible and we will provide the tools to help facilitate the learning. The rest is up to you. Please take the time to engage in this important opportunity to participate in democracy.

What are the election platforms for the major Political Parties?

*For information on other registered parties please visit Elections Canada.

Voting and Registration Information

Voting and Registration Information

Federal Election – October 21, 2019